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5 Elements Theory

Valuing Self and Others

Welcome to late fall and the metal element. The color is white – the yin organ is lung and the yang organ is large intestine. To me, metal is similar to the swords suit in the tarot – all about the mind – what we think – what we ruminate over and how we process things through – do…

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Autumn Bliss

My favorite season, next to spring and summer, is autumn.  Not to take away from winter – I simply don’t like the cold! – autumn starts off showy and cool, ultimately giving way to the slumber of the cold of winter.  But for now, let’s talk about autumn. We’re looking at the Earth element –…

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Creative Vision into Action

Welcome to the Wood element time of year – spring – it’s ALL about action! The Water element which governs Winter has thawed and (hopefully) is flowing to support assertiveness, right timing, and direction of our creative vision. The color of the Wood element is green – in all of its displays – currently my…

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