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Ascension and the issue of Separation …

In my spiritual travels and attendance at lectures, I’ve been learning from folks who are on the cutting edge of the process of ascension. Lots of wisdom. One of the energy systems you may have experienced or learned from me is Spiritual Response Technique – dedicated to this very subject!

To me, ascension is not only striving to rise above the challenges we see all around us, but to put into practice “I Know Who I Am” (non-ego!) – and integrate that into interpersonal and global living. As we embody our “True Self,” we are offered an opportunity to develop compassion and discerning, staying “right size,” and appreciating the differences in others.

Moving out of appeasement and separation seems to be the sticking point. Have you ever said, Yes,” when every cell of your being said, “No!”? Did you ever feel like letting go of something was tantamount to a death? Have you distanced yourself – cut away from – felt different than – judged or were judged? Well, you’re in good company, because we’ve all been there. There’s an old saying, with age comes wisdom, but honestly, sometimes, with age comes calcification of old ways of being.

How can we grow beyond our limitations, realize our True Self and be one with all things? Courage and self-reflection help. Push yourself forward and let go of separation in all its displays. In the gradual awakening, you realize you’ve developed the ability to love – and laugh – lightening the load along the way.

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