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The Power of “3”

Congratulations, everyone!  We are in a “3” cycle of creation and manifestation.  This is an incredibly powerful year, and one that challenges us to go beyond our comfort zone.  “3” dares us to bring to life our hopes, dreams and wishes.  It’s the “pop of color,” the zesty flavor added to your favorite food or drink, an idea that comes to life, a smile that turns to laughter.

Another way to think of the power of “3” is in the concept of a MasterMind group.  For me, compassion and strength are qualities I wish to weave into working with you.  To that end, the power of “3” includes the compassion of Quan Yin and the strength of Queen Hatshepsut – an Egyptian pharoh who ruled with both strength and compassion!  The third member of the trilogy is me, as the one on the physical plane charged with manifesting results.

Manifesting requires risk and a belief in yourself that you can transcend the ordinary.  Above all, when you roll up your sleeves to move ahead – whether it’s painting your house a new color, changing your wardrobe, moving cross country, changing a job, relationship, diet, and more – you are never alone – you are always working with the co-creative force of the power of “3,” however you define the guides and helpers that cheer us on each and every day.  Let’s get busy and create!

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