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Autumn Bliss

My favorite season, next to spring and summer, is autumn.  Not to take away from winter – I simply don’t like the cold! – autumn starts off showy and cool, ultimately giving way to the slumber of the cold of winter.  But for now, let’s talk about autumn.

We’re looking at the Earth element – stomach/spleen – the color yellow – the qualities of mothering:  too much, not enough, just right.  The Earth element is fed by the Fire of summer, and in turn, feeds the Metal element of late fall.  In the cycle of life, it’s the harvest.  Many human babies are born in the fall – I know many Librans and Scorpios.  Wildlife born at this time tend to be very scrappy – primarily because if they want to survive the winter they have to fight for their food!

The Earth element addresses the issues of worry and anxiety, of being appreciated (or not) by self or others; martyr versus narcissist.  I’m grateful for Spiritual Response Technique and Resonance Repatterning healing systems which get to the root of these challenges for my clients.

Restoration of harmony is a very key aspiration of the Earth element – integrating self into the world at large while not being swept away by the drama in which we may at times find ourselves immersed.  We may feel our bliss is miles away, or a distant memory, or something that eludes us completely.  I tell you it’s in there, we just have to move the roadblocks to integration.  It is then WE emerge like a sleeping butterfly, transforming into the truth of our heart!

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