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Valuing Self and Others

Welcome to late fall and the metal element. The color is white – the yin organ is lung and the yang organ is large intestine. To me, metal is similar to the swords suit in the tarot – all about the mind – what we think – what we ruminate over and how we process things through – do we hold on or let go? What do you value about yourself or others? What qualities or traits shine within – do you express them fully? Do you judge yourself or others harshly, or do you simply not care what anyone thinks? Do you hold on to past grudges and hurts, allowing the pain to define you, to limit you, or do you let go of everything only to cut off relationships to others, to yourself, and most importantly, to Spirit?

The large intestine takes in nourishment, processes it and ultimately lets go, and with each breath, our lungs do, too. Our lungs expel not only CO2 but also excess fat from the body during weight loss. For those with issues and challenges in the lower digestive tract or with our breath or even our weight, we may wish to take a look at whether and how the metal qualities are at play in our lives.

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