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Journey of Faith and Trust

Last year began with many hopes and promises.  Things were “looking up” – my revitalized website was launched, I was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Repatterning Practitioners’ Association, and a 1,700-mile relocation to South Florida was in the works.

All of a sudden, things shifted, and not in a good way –we sold our NJ home and scrambled to find a place to live.  Searching for an affordable home in Florida seemed an impossible task.  My son, a Marine Corps veteran, fell into a prolonged period of despair, which continues to plague him and all who know  and love him.  And last but not least, our beautiful little rescue dog Windy passed away suddenly from a heart attack.  My personal and professional life suffered, despite my efforts to “snap out of it.”

Trips to the Padre Pio shrine in Barto, PA, refilled my soul.  Travels to sacred sites offered healing when I remembered to ask for help.  Getting back to basics and aligning with the truth that this too shall pass restored my faith and trust in knowing there’s more for me, for you – and for the world.

We found a home and relocated to South Florida in February.  I do my best to stay aligned to the frequencies of faith and trust as we all navigate the dark and fearful waters of the covid 19 pandemic.

My business has completely transformed as I work exclusively at-a-distance by phone or Zoom.  I’m devoting more time to writing.  Connecting with meditation groups and local energy healers is high on my list, when the time comes.

One day soon we will bring home a dog from one of the many rescue organizations in the area.

This past year and in the days ahead have shown that we have options.  Whether we sink into an abyss of hopelessness, we can regroup and rebound.  Results may not happen right away, but they do come.

“Today, I accept the greater plan for my life, and the ebb and flow of my journey on earth.  May I align to a higher state of consciousness as I rise above life’s difficulties and remember Who I Truly Am.”

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