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Reiki for Health!

It’s been ages since I’ve taught a Reiki class.  Spirit has led me on many paths since becoming a Reiki Master in 1995.  But every once in a while, someone asks, “When are you going to offer Reiki again?”

Here we are in 2018, and one of the last classes I plan on offering in New Jersey is Reiki.  It’s is where it all began years ago, and it’s my “swan song” as we prepare to leave the Garden State.

I remember receiving the gentleness and depth of the Reiki attunement, how nervous I felt over being perfect; and I could not understand how my psychic and intuitive abilities aligned with hands-on healing.  I remember meeting my Reiki guides – a new guide would appear almost every time I worked on a client.  So many guides wish to help, it’s just a matter of allowing the Healing Rays of Spirit to lead the way.

If you are drawn to walk the Ray of Spirit, please join me.

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