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Andean Portals of Healing

Last month darling Steve and I traveled to Peru with the “Cosmics,” as our friend Julia refers to us, to study with the wonderful and humble Willaru Huyata.  Willaru is a teacher of ancient Incan mysteries and gnostic spirituality.  We were fortunate to have him with us during our entire journey.

We traveled to sacred sites frequented by locals that only he would know.  We sat in interdimensional gateways and portals, and tapped into the higher frequencies of the Beings of Light and the Golden Rays.  To say we were blessed with the love from the higher planes barely scratches the surface of what we all experienced.  Lying in the arms of Pachamama, I was transported to a Temple of Light, my body and mind yielded into the pureness of presence.

Now that we are back in the rhythm of our daily lives, I’ve noticed sessions have taken on a new dimension as my guides work more deeply.  The healing frequencies from the Andean portals have blessed my work, and for that I am truly grateful.

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