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Online Study Groups

Come join like-minded people doing the same work that you are doing. You will get a chance to experience your own growth as well as helping others help you. In a group setting, you will discover additional tools to help uncover what's keeping you from living your best life.

Self-Change Study Group – hour-long, monthly meetings
March through November
$40 per session

This program focuses on the work of a particular spiritual teacher or inspirational author. By reading the assigned material and journaling exercises in self-observation, students track their process of self-change. Discourses and healing visualization exercises support your path to growth.

Salon for the Spirit
Sundays, monthly gatherings
1 1/2 hr; $40 per person.
4 to 8 people average

Many people are searching for answers … Spirit tells us we have everything we need inside of us – we only need to learn to trust that we have the ability to access the deeper wisdom within.

The Salon offers a unique opportunity to discover deeper wisdom and to trust your own inner guidance and right timing. Together, in a group setting of four to eight family members or friends at your home, we practice various forms of meditation and guided visualization, take a look at topics that interest you, talk about what’s going on in your world and share insights and intuitive awareness.

Imagine … instead of trying to figure out the why’s of life – you simply go with the flow …

You may want to try out a Salon once or twice – or use this time to meet as a monthly “Spiritual Social” – coming together, learning to develop and trust your process, and enjoying a pot luck sharing afterward!

Express Review for Basic and Advanced SRT students $200 for each review class

These express review programs take the student of Basic or Advanced through the entire program and provide an opportunity to ask questions, practice a complete clearing as well as the many specialized advanced clearing methods.

Online Support Group for Basic and Advanced SRT students - Add $20

Are you experiencing challenges to your work with the SRT healing system? Do you have questions about clearings? Are you a little “rusty” and would like to get back up to speed? Call for an appointment.

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